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Our eyes betray our secret desire to be surprised. A look can give away our astonishment.

Listen, because “sound penetrates the deepest into the human soul”, because it gave us order long before we tried to bring order to it.

We have to play again, with no wi-fi, no fear, no prejudice or keyboards.

We need a melting pot of words and ideas, to taste the delicacies of the land, the sea, the skies and of love.

Guided by the aromas we attract and choose, the perfume that multiplies throughout the world.

  • Look
  • Listen
  • Touch
  • Taste
  • Smell
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Are you interested in new experiences? Do you want to meet different people and find out what they do and think? Are you into music or any other art form? This is a place for you. Register as a REDE CULTURA 2027 ambassador and become part of a new, transformative project. As an ambassador, you will be able to collect credits that will grant you special permissions at events run by over 1000 cultural agents.

Win free lifts and tickets, meals and the chance to work on-stage with your favourite artists. For now, all you need to do is sign up here, and send us a photo of yourself.



Rede Cultura 2027

On the 22nd February 2019, a manifesto was signed at Leiria Museum by all the municipalities that make up the REDE CULTURA 2027 network. This manifesto is an embodiment of the will of 26 towns and cities to create a network that promotes to share cultural and artistic creations and resources within the region.

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