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Want to become part of a movement that seeks out new ways to build a community? Believe that culture is essential to creating new relationships and bringing people together? Want to take part in and encourage artistic practices in the region you call home and boost public investment in culture? Believe in Europe and the values the EU holds dear? Interested in supporting REDE CULTURA 2027’s bid for European Capital of Culture?
If you answered yes to the questions above, register as an Ambassador now.

The Advantages of being an Ambassador

As well as supporting our application to become a European Capital of culture and promoting and supporting culture in the 26 municipalities that make up the Rede Cultura 2027 Network, you can also win a range of prizes in games you’ll find in the REDE CULTURA 2027 App.

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  • Work with the artistsWork with the artists

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Once you have registered, if you want to change any of your data you can do so by accessing your reserved area in the REDE CULTURA 2027 mobile app. To do so, just enter the same email address you used to sign up as an ambassador and set your chosen password.