Because long before Men organized sounds, sounds organized Men.


MUSICALMENTE is a company that was born to professionally develop several programs within the scope of musical pedagogy and research, of which “Concerts for Babies” stand out, a pioneering Portuguese production in the field of performing arts for early childhood.


Over the 20 years of referential activity in the Portuguese artistic panorama, Musicalmente and its Artistic Direction have collected recognition that has gone from babies to a wider artistic and cultural scope. New musical projects with a strong social impact should be highlighted, such as Ópera na Prisão, mentioned by The New York Times and other means of international press. But the cumulative recognition of Musicalmente as a consolidated company in the scope of artistic creation and production is largely due to Concerts for Babies and its national and international impact.


  • What we are passionate about

Music - Because it is the first of all art forms, and the one that led to the creation of Musicalmente.

Arts in early childhood - Because we know how important the first moments, days and weeks of life are.

Artistic practices with the community - Because to us arts are not only important on stage, first and foremost, they matter in the lives of all of us.


  • What we enjoy doing

Creation - We like to invent new ways and times to experiment with arts. We feel the pleasure of great inventions, but it’s the more personal and unique travels that excite us and we immerse ourselves in them confidently.

Production - Joining people and ideas, space and equipment, and help build big and small dreams is a challenge that stimulates us.

Consulting - We like to hear new proposals and weave unexpected or secure paths with them. Unexpected challenges inspire us, and we like to explore them as a team.



Rua da Saudade, n.º 20, Pousos
2410-241 Leiria - Portugal