Immersive itineraries

After six months of work and reflection, the Congresso de Rede Cultura 2027 - The Future of Our City will meet its goals on the 24th October at the official closing session. On this day, in the image of what has happened in the previous six months, the entire vast and diverse territory of Rede Cultura 2027 will be covered, crossed and questioned by the ideas, actions and experiences that the Congress brings to the population of each and all 26 municipalities in the Rede.

Each of the fellow citizens of Rede Cultura 2027 will be able to (it is our believe that they should) register for free in the set of itineraries that were named Flavours, Feelings and Knowledge and which people can get to be known in more detail on the pages below. These immersive itineraries are offered by the Municipalities in which they take place and show us the best of each one, with visits to the historical and natural heritage, tastings of gastronomic delicacies and exclusive performance moments.

There is a limit of 10 people and free registrations can be made HERE, starting on 29th September.

Come with us and taste, feel, get to know and experience even better what is this Rede which, after all, belongs to all of you.


Notes: These immersive itineraries and concerts are an integral part of the Congresso "O Futuro da Nossa Cidade", so registration in one of them – until 10th October - gives preference to those who register to take part in events, as speakers' communications, on at least one of the days. Each person may participate in only one itinerary, from a Municipality other than their own, and must indicate their preference in the registration and two alternative options.

The chosen transportation until the Municipality it’s each congressman responsibility, as well all the dislocations during the day, except on the cases indicated.

Starting on 29th September, in case of difficulty during online registration, assisted registration can be made at the Municipal Library of your Residence Council. You can also contact us by email at or phone using the following number244839 646.