Castanheira de Pêra: Poços da Neve and what is discovered about them
24th October, 2020

9:30 am

Visit to Casa do Tempo - Municipal Tourism Office - Museological Centre related to the Wool and Press Industry


10:00 am

Visit to the Igreja Matriz (Departure to Santo António da Neve – on a city bus. (Time and distance: 16.5 km - 25 minutes)


10:30 am

Departure to Santo António da Neve, visit to Poços da Neve and its surrounding area / Ribeira das Quelhas Walkways / Aldeia do Coentral - Museu do Neveiro - (time and distance between Santo António da Neve and the village of Coentral - 4,5 km - 12 min.)


1:30 pm

Themed lunch at a restaurant in the centre of the village of Castanheira de Pera


2h45 pm

Visit to the Old Chapel of Pera, Poço Corga and Lagar Museum with passage through Praia das Rocas (Time and distance of the visit: 5.4 km - 12 min.)


4:00 pm

End of the visit at the City Hall Building in Praça Visconde de Nova Granada.