Lourinhã: Nectars of the West
24th October, 2020

10:30 am

Visit to MAP (PAE) - Public Art Exhibition in Rural Context, in the village of Moledo



Immersive gastronomic experience with Lourinhã’s brandy


3:00 pm

Guided tour to the Lourinhã cooperative winery:

Theoretical explanation of the Demarcated Region of Aguardente DOC Lourinhã (Production / Varieties, Winemaking, Distillation, Blending, Filling, Classification for Sale)

Visit to Aguardente DOC aging (observation of various types of barrels, wood and toasts)

Observation of the manual labelling process(sealing, labels and packaging)

Presentation of Aguardentes DOC Lourinhã in the market, includes presentation of partnerships developed with Adega Cooperativa da Lourinhã)

Wine Tasting DOC Lourinhã XO