Marinha Grande: Modernity and Tradition: a false Lighthouse of opportunities
24th October, 2020

9:30 am

Reception and Welcome to the Municipality of Marinha Grande;

Brief overview of the history of Marinha Grande and its environmental, heritage and cultural wealth;

Visit to Museu do Vidro;

Temporary Exhibition "Vetraria Aureliano Toso"


11:30 am

Brief visit to São Pedro de Moel

Visit to the Penedo da Saudade Centenary Lighthouse

Proceeding the visit to Praia da Vieira, along the Atlantic road contemplating the Pinhal do Rei, the parts still remaining



Praia da Vieira

Presentation of Rancho Peixeiras da Vieira at Largo dos Pescadores


1:00 pm

Lunch with a menu consisting of local products (petingas, jaquinzinhos)


3:00 pm

Observation of Arte Xávega in the sand (fisherman making / mending the net) and in the fish market (sale of fish)