Pedrógão Grande: Confraria do Bucho and other delicacies
24th October, 2020

10:00 am

Touristic Interpretation Centre – Participants/congressmen reception with an explanation of the natural heritage and schist villages through the interactive equipment available and awareness raising action on the Autochthonous Forest


11:00 am

Guided visit to the Igreja Matriz in the Penedo area and to the Torre do Relógio



Visit to the Museological Centre "Memórias do Quotidiano Escolar"


1:30 pm

Bucho tasting with the participation of the Brotherhood (It can take place in the garden of Devesa or in the Casa da Cultura, depending on the weather conditions)


2:30 pm

Musical / Cultural Moment taking place at the Jardim da Devesa Auditorium, weather permitting, or at the Casa da Cultura, promoted by cultural agents from the municipality of Pedrógão Grande