Peniche: A stew overlooking the Fortaleza
24th October, 2020

10:00 am

Meeting point at Campo da República


10:30 am

Visit to the Fishing Auction / fishing port *


11:30 am

Marginal Norte (San Pedro de Alcantara, Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios, Ponta do Trovão, Cabo Carvoeiro)


12:45 pm

Stew in the Bairro do Visconde, by Chef Patrícia Borges


2:00 pm

Visit to the Visconde District


2.45 pm

Peniche Fortress - Visit to the National Resistance and Freedom Museum


3:30 pm


"Peniche - Patrimónios Sonoros Marítimos", by Tiago Pereira (20min), at Sala do Governador - MNRL


* depending on whether the maximum fishing quota of the siege was reached at the time.