Pombal: Blindly Sensed
24th October, 2020

Travelers are invited to emerge through the senses into the region's gastronomy, art, natural resources and materials, blindfolded. It means that the first contact with each place, with each space, will be done “blindly”.

The suggestion is to discover the significant aspects of the municipality in three different places: The Sea, the Mountain and the City.

First stop: “Brisas do Oeste” it is a stop at Praia do Osso da Baleia

The invitation is to feel the touch of the sand or the texture of the giant stipa listening to the intertwining of musical sounds, with the noise of the waves rolling.

Second Stop: “Like a rattle noise, beyond the curve of the road”, stop at Senhora da Estrela in the heart of the Serra de Sicó. The suggestion is to pay attention to the sounds and smells of the flora and the customs of the countryside.

Third Stop: “In the heart of the CITY, a meeting with the Marquis

Saída de Pombal


9:00 am

Reception of participants, in the Salão Nobre dos Paços do Concelho


9:30 am

Departure from Pombal


10:15 am

"Brisas do Oeste" - Experience for all the senses



Trip to the the Mountain


12:45 pm

"Like a rattle noise, beyond the curve of the road!"


1:00 pm

“A cofo full of flavors”


2:30 pm

Trip to the city of Pombal


3:00 pm

“In the heart of the city, an encounter with the Marquis”