People and Places

The essence of our People & Places captured by our youngest

The competition Gentes e Lugares, integrated into the Rede Cultura 2027 education program, drew the portrait of 26 municipalities, even in times of confinement.

The competition started in March and challenged students aged 3 to 18, from all the municipalities of Rede Cultura 2027, to publicize people and places that mark the territory of the 26, using their mobile phone. The online classes did not demotivate the competitors and with the support of the teachers, 77 classes from 47 schools participated, presenting a hundred and a half films in the competition. The winners were announced on June 1st, after selection by the jury presided over by filmmaker Pedro Neves and by the public who, in each category, also selected their favorite film.

Who are our people and our places? Hundreds of students from pre-school to high school, from 47 schools in the vast and diverse territory of Rede Cultura 2027 gave us, on video, surprising answers to these questions, which we have all been asking for a long time. On a screen near you, just a click away, do like the eternal Alice, cross the mirror and discover yourself and others here.

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