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Porto de Mós
Cineteatro Porto de Mós
Rede Cultura 2027 at home Theatre
FDF - Formação e Consultoria, Lda.


Are we born mothers? Or do we become mothers? What does being a mother really mean?
really? We live surrounded by questions that, with each passing day, take away our breath, our hope, our joy, our patience.
"Ah, but with my daughter I didn't do it like that!" or "My son went differently!" Is there an instruction manual for being a "good" mother? Whose fault is it? What are the privileges? What are the challenges? What kind of baby bombshell are we dealing with in the wee hours of the morning? What about when we run out of pureed fruit to add to the baby food?

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Blame cast: Alexandre Moraes, Ana Constantino, Betty Rodrigues, Cacau Mastria, Estella Rodrigues, Filipa Melo, Lívia Dias, Ludmilla Demori, Mariana Soares, Marisa Sanrtos, Roberto Jácome, Sofia Ramos, Tiago Pereira.

Text: Ana Carolina de Sá Ribeiro;
Adapted and directed by: Fábio Dias;
Choreography: Clayds Zwing;
Image and Edition: Patrício Azevedo e Paulo Ascenso;
Production: ALA D'ARTISTAS.

Supported by: Municipality of Porto de Mós;
Sponsors: FDF, Lda.

Other information

A CULPA É DA MÃE is an original text by Ana Carolina de Sá Ribeiro, produced by ALA D'ARTISTAS, which merges tragicomedy with autobiographical theatre. inspired by interviews and testimonials.

Although the circumstances imposed by the pandemic have made the creative process difficult for all of us, we are eager to share with our audience the evolving work and togetherness created by the collective, thus conveying a fluid tragicomedy with the premise of conveying that motherhood is a skill that is built little by little, by trial and error.
A dedicated show for the whole family, full of good synergy.