Jun2022 Saturday
Sep2022 Friday

Affection Appliances

Marinha Grande
Museu Joaquim Correia
Plastic Arts


Pedro Fonseca Jorge’s Affection Appliances exhibit forms the basis of this event, which looks at the relationships between people, their homes and their belongings. Jorge explores how people develop affection for everyday objects and how this can transform a house into a home.
The inspiration for the project came from considering younger generations as 'contemporary nomads' who regularly move house due to the instability of the labour market and low wages. Jorge proposes that many young people lack a sense of belonging since the places they inhabit are temporary pitstops rather than homes.
Affection Appliances aims to transform everyday objects such as items of furniture and fixed elements in the house into objects of affection. Performances by other artists will be an integral part of the exhibit, as they interact with the various elements of the exhibit in pursuit of the affection the project aims to stimulate.