Apr2021 Sunday
Dec2021 Friday

Art in the Garden

Atelier Thierry Ferreira
Plastic Arts


The “Arte na Horta” project started in March 2020, following the first confinement, due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19.

This was the right time to move towards the land.

Next to my studio, I can trees, I built a small vegetable garden, following the principles of permaculture, and at the same time I was integrating in my artistic process what was left inside me, of this relationship with nature.

Today, my garden has grown, my trees are in bloom and the plants have an art exhibition installed in the middle of the garden. Now, my Atelier / Horta is open to the public, to all those interested in seeing a sculpture exhibition in the middle of the garden and access to my creative process through an on-site visit.


Visits are made by appointment through 919825989.