Jun2023 Saturday
21h30 Till 23h30

[CLONE] Gerardo Rodrigues - Piano Solo - “Estado de Alma”

Caldas da Rainha
Teatro Miguel Franco - Leiria Teatro Miguel Franco - Leiria


The Portuguese pianist Gerardo Rodrigues, released in September/2021 - his second album of originals “Estado de Alma”, a composition that continues the work started with “Improvisos” (2020), which marks his journey of self-discovery in time of change and uncertainty, boosted by the pandemic.

The transparency and genuineness of his compositions are already his fingerprint, and this second work is no exception. Presenting itself as a plot of his own emotions, explored at a time when Gerardo redefined his path, his goals and priorities.

With an Orchestra of 14 musicians, 3 dancers and many surprises.

technical data sheet

Piano: Gerardo Rodrigues | Soprano: Sofia Miradouro | Violins: Angelica Fonseca, Afonso Esteves, Beatriz Morais, Cristiana Herculano and Cristiana Matos | Violas: Inês Fernando and Miguel Breia | Cellos: Catarina Coelho and Adriana Gonçalves | Percussion: Amândio Filipe | Dancers Sofia de Almeida, Ana Beatriz Dengues and Margarida Hugobaldo

Piano: Gerardo Rodrigues
Production: Promusical Produções Unipessoal Lda
Management: Joana Botelho - Promusical Produções / [email protected]

Other information

Age: M/3
Duration - 90min without recess