May2020 Sunday

"Co(m)Tradição" (Rui Cruz - Magical Entertainer)

Solar do Castanheiro (Bidoeira de Cima)


Rui Cruz is a Portuguese magician who has headlined at Teatro Taborda and Teatro Sá da Bandeira and has performed his magic in various countries such as Portugal, Spain, France and the Nederlands. He has also performed for youth hostels, businesses and organizations such as Geecko Hostel, Accor Group, Ribatagus and Cegoc.
Rui made his debut at the age of 14 as part of a theatrical play for a school project with writing credits to his name. The following year he began to explore the art of juggling and joined a local amateur theater group, the Teatrinho de Santarém. Since then, juggling has been a lifelong passion. Later he joined a touring street theater troupe for several years and was part of an act that featured fire jugglers and clowns.
Cruz blends classical pieces of magic with his passion for juggling and his own brand of comedy to create a unique, family-friendly show.