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Concerts for Babies | Folk for Babies: European Traditional Dances

Philharmonie Luxembourg Philharmonie Luxembourg


Let’s dance

When we are babies, and not yet born, we dance. We dance in a warm amniotic robe that sways in our mother’s breath and footsteps. Then when we are born, from happy memories, a need to continue dancing is also born. That’s why our mothers lull us to calm down and fall asleep. And in a flash, our parents discover that we start dancing as soon as we hear a little more upbeat music. In this concert we are going to dance with old songs from the intrauterine time, but also with new sounds that appeal to other dances.

Let’s dance

technical data sheet

Alberto Roque – baritone saxophone
José Lopes – alto and soprano saxophones
Pedro Santos – accordion
Inesa Markava – vocals and movement
Paulo Lameiro – vocals and conductor


Photograph Joaquim Dâmaso 



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