Apr2021 Sunday
10h00 Till 12h15

Concerts for Babies | Inesa dances northern lights Sami and Suomi (canceled)

Convento São Francisco, Coimbra Convento São Francisco, Coimbra
Convento São Francisco


Sáááá Sámiiiiii 
Suomi is the name of the country we know as Finland. Suomi is a beautiful word, and in the skies of its lakes and islands we can see and feel colors that only exist in some dreams. Northern lights between pillows and pacifiers will surprise adults. At this concert babies will also hear some colors that Inesa will dance. Inesa loves to dance colors, lakes, islands and words. Music comes to us from Lapland where the Sami live. But the sounds that rock us in this concert are warm.
Suuuu Suóóó 
Bábá Suó 

technical data sheet

Baritone saxophone Alberto Roque

Alto and soprano saxophones José Lopes

Accordion Pedro Santos

Vocals Isabel Catarino

Vocals and movement Inesa Markava

Vocals and conductor Paulo Lameiro


Photograph Gil de Lemos



⚠️concert canceled⚠️

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