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DANCE LABORATORY: a retrospective

Torres Vedras
Paços | Torres Vedras Municipal Gallery Paços | Torres Vedras Municipal Gallery


ESTUFA presents in Paços - Municipal Gallery of Torres Vedras, a retrospective exhibition of the DANCE LABORATORY.  

Project of experimentation and artistic creation in the area of contemporary dance, LAB has welcomed in Torres Vedras renowned portuguese choreographers. Tânia Carvalho, Jonas & Lander, Marco da Silva Ferreira, Clara Andermatt or Victor Hugo Pontes were some of the creators invited by ESTUFA, with photographers such as Vitorino Coragem and José Caldeira contributing to a remarkable record of the works presented.

With the co-curatorship of João Henriques and Jorge Reis, this exhibition aims to mark and celebrate, in the 10 years of ESTUFA, the richness and contribution of the Dance Laboratory in the artistic panorama.

technical data sheet

Co-curatorial  João Henriques and Jorge Reis

Project coordinator and production  Magda Matias

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photo credit: José Caldeira