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EXPUNÇÃO is an exhibition of experimental, interventional, and installation drawing by the artists Nelson Rodrigues and Xana Sousa, based on the act of drawing, where a parallelism is established with the act of expunging. It is an exhibition promoted by EMERGE, curated by Jorge Reis, with the institutional partners of the República Portuguesa/ Ministério da Cultura - Direção-Geral das Artes e da Câmara Municipal de Torres Vedras, between April 13th and May 27th, at Casa Azul ▲, in Torres Vedras, Portugal.

EXPUNÇÃO presents an approach to the works produced in the exhibition space relating to concepts of censorship in the Estado Novo, where drawing with blue pencil served to conceal and erase contents that were considered harmful or that could call into question the dictatorial regime that lived in the 1930s in Portugal. This phenomenon is still present in some countries that, in the digital age, continue to prohibit access to content. In this exhibition, the drawings emerge from erasure, saturation, extinction, and concealment through the use of lines and dots to create textures and layers, becoming visible matter that possibly sails something.


technical data sheet

Organization | EMERGE

Artistic and production direction, curatorship and cultural design | Jorge Reis

Artists | Nelson Rodrigues and Xana Sousa

Cultural Project Management | Daniela Ambrósio

Photography, communication and cultural marketing | Marisa Bernardes

Mediation of audiences | Salomé Abreu

Production Assistant | Débora Augusto

Editing | Nelson Rodrigues, Xana Sousa, Jorge Reis, Débora Augusto

Accessible Communication | Acesso Cultura

Structure financed by the Portuguese Republic - Culture / Directorate-General of Arts and the Torres Vedras City Hall

Printing support | A3 - Arte Gráficas

Strategic partners | A Bolha - Teatro com Marionetas, Penguin editora e Portugal Slam

Legal support | PLMJ - Transformative Legal Experts

Media partners | Revista Umbigo, Rádio ONfm, Torres Vedras WEB, Gerador