Oct2020 Sunday

Festival Marionetas na Cidade 2020 - Pic Nic - Historioscópio

Praça D. Afonso Henriques in Alcobaça


A picnic in nature would undoubtedly be much more enjoyable without flies landing on our food; without mosquitoes sucking our blood and transmitting who knows what diseases; without bees with those huge stingers, which when they sting us cause a disgusting and agonizing bubble; no ants that climb us up the legs causing a huge and hateful itch! Not to mention the giant and terrifying beetles, which plague our supposedly restful little nests with dreadful nightmares, in which thousands of animals full of paws, antennae and tongs invade our tents and devour us as if we were fries!

Some insects can be bothersome for sure. However, believe it or not these little gears of nature do everything to save our lives every day, working quietly and tirelessly to give us food and keep ecosystems running.

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