Oct2020 Sunday

Festival Marionetas na Cidade 2020 - Something - Fábio Superbi

Praça da República in Alcobaça


Something is a show about the countryside, the fields and the people who live there, their work on the land and their relationship with animals. But it is also a work on dreams. He presents us with the story of José. He spends his days in his small house in the middle of nowhere, quiet at the foot of a mountain and surrounded by his friends: his hens, cows and some fish. There is also a mango tree and, in front, the beautiful red river. Her daily life is taking care of the garden and reading her books.
But one day he receives a mysterious letter. It brings a provocation. The instigated man immediately accepts the challenge and starts to build something that brings him closer to heaven. Something that can help you to move from there, to continue, to travel to other territories.

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Fábio Superbi