Oct2020 Sunday

Festival Marionetas na Cidade 2020 - Teatro Dom Roberto - Mãozorra teatro de marionetas

Praça da República in Alcobaça


Known from the north to the south of the country for: “Zé Broas”, “Robertos de Santo Aleixo”, “Robertos de Caixa Murrada”, “Títeres” or “Robertos”, this tradition is a relic in the Portuguese popular culture of Puppet Theater, currently recognized as Portuguese Intangible Heritage.

This was an itinerant show presented by the “roberteiro” or “bonecreiro” who wandered through fairs, beaches, markets, squares, gardens or schools to present their dolls and stories. Hidden behind his tent, he performed his function full of rigor and rhythm. With a sarcastic humor, the values, concepts and prejudices of his time, were ridiculed through the puppets, on topics such as religion, morals, good customs, authority and even about death itself!

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