May2020 Monday
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International Museum Day 2020 - Figueiró dos Vinhos Museum and Arts Center reopens

Figueiró dos Vinhos
Museum and Arts Center - 1st floor - Av. José Malhoa


On the occasion of the International Museum Day - DIM 2020, which is celebrated next Monday, May 18, the Museum and Arts Center (MCA) will reopen to the public.
MCA is pleased to present, within the framework of the DIM 2020 celebrations, the painting exhibition "Breu", by artist Vítor Pi, which will be inaugurated at 5 pm on the 1st floor of MCA.
Aware that many of our regular visitors are still confined to their homes and taking into account the restrictions that still exist, the inauguration will be broadcast online, through MCA social networks, from 17:00.

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Vítor Pi, painter, performer and theatrical dynamizer. BREU is the title of the exhibition by Vitor Pi and also reflects the serpentine path that the artist has followed since the seventies. Marginal to the creative mainstream, the author appeared on the scene several times as a performer, but only sporadically sought public visibility. Vitor Pi's name has since been confirmed as a painter with a very personal figurative style, poetic painting or painted poetry.