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Nazaré. Memories of Abílio

Óbidos, Nazaré


April 1 is the anniversary of the birth of Abílio de Mattos e Silva. The Abílio Museum, in Óbidos, and the Dr. Joaquim Manso Museum, in Nazaré, came together to mark his birthday, making the launch of an online exhibition dedicated to the artist, with works from both museums, with Nazaré as the main theme.

According to the curators of this initiative, “throughout his life, Abílio de Mattos e Silva felt a strong connection to Nazaré and Óbidos, two extremely important milestones in his cultural and artistic life and which he once called home. Totally conceived for a virtual presentation, this exhibition can be accessed through the Google Sites platform, with the selection criteria for the works centered on the 'people, spaces and everyday life of Nazaré'. Through the exhibited works, we can observe the customs, costumes, experiences, popular architecture, among other aspects of the fishing village of Nazaré in the middle of the 20th century, through the eyes of Abílio ”.

Link to the exhibition: https://sites.google.com/view/ablio-de-nazar-a-bidos/inicio

technical data sheet

Exhibition title: “Nazaré. Memories of Abílio ”
Artist: Abílio de Mattos e Silva

Programmers: Rui Anastácio and João Ferreira, undergraduate students in Programming and Cultural Production at ESAD.CR.

Supervisors: Dóris Santos (Coordinator of the Dr. Joaquim Manso Museum) and Bruno Silva (Coordinator of the Abílio Museum)

Platform: Google sites

Event typology: web-based

Event link: https://sites.google.com/view/ablio-de-nazar-a-bidos/in%C3%ADcio?authuser=0

Support: Dr. Joaquim Manso Museum / Regional Culture Directorate of the Center and Abílio Museum / Óbidos City Council

Location: Nazaré - Óbidos / April 2021