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Obidos International Master Classes Chamber Music and Piano and International Music Festival

Cultural and Conference Centre Caldas da Rainha- CCC, Santuário Nosso Senhor da Pedra, Igreja Santa Maria Óbidos, Teatro Eduardo Brazão Bombarral, Cultural Centre Lourinha, Galeria da Casa da Barbacam Cultural and Conference Centre Caldas da Rainha- CCC, Santuário Nosso Senhor da Pedra, Igreja Santa Maria Óbidos, Teatro Eduardo Brazão Bombarral, Cultural Centre Lourinha, Galeria da Casa da Barbacam


Since 1996, SIPO - Semana Internacional de Piano de Óbidos - is a landmark in the international music landscape. We are happy and proud to welcome artists of exceptional reputation in the world of music, offering musical moments of rare quality within a highly diversified festival programme. The charm and hospitality of the medieval town of Óbidos have also considerably contributed to the success of this extraordinary cultural event.

SIPO is organized and produced by the  International Music Courses Association – Casa da Barbacam – (ACIM), founded in 1996 as a non-profit association based in Óbidos.

Its long term objective is to create a nucleus of artistic-cultural activities of international standard in Portugal. Special emphasis is put on the continuity and the quality of its initiatives, underlining the importance of the international input in the vocational training of young musicians.

At a local level, ACIM plays an important role both in the cultural and the touristic development of the Western Region of Portugal. 

In 2021 we are celebrating our 25th anniversary under the high patronage of the President of the Portuguese Republic, featuring Master Classes for Chamber Music and Piano and an International Piano Festival including various venues in the Portuguese West Coast Region (Óbidos, Caldas da Rainha, Bombarral and Lourinha). In addition to 14 concerts ranging from classical musica to jazz, the Festival will also include an art exhibition,  conferences and a special concert celebrating our 25th anniversary.

Master classes will be held by internationally renowned pianists.

Since 2011, the “Antena 2” prize is awarded by the classical Portuguese radio station Antena 2. Since 2019, the prize is a joint prize of Antena 2 and the organizer of SIPO, the Association of International Master Classes, ACIM, and therefore changed its name to „Prize Antena 2/ SIPO“. It consists of one live recital performed within the series “Open concerts“ in Lisbon, recorded and transmitted by the radio station, and two further recitals in different locations as well as a monetary prize worth 1000€.

The prize is awarded by the public and the faculty of SIPO to the students whose artistic performance is considered to be outstanding. The winners of the Antena 2 Prize in 2019 are KATALIN GONDA (Hungary) and MUZI ZHAO (China).

Due to the pandemic, SIPO had to be cancelled in 2020. We are looking forward to celebrating SIPO 2021 with you! 

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The major purpose of SIPO is to bring together musicians of international reputation and young music students in the unique historical scenery of the medieval town of Óbidos, Portugal.

Therefore, SIPO is today one of the most highly regarded musical events in our country, with ample international repercussions.

The high standard master classes are open to professional level students, music teachers as well as pianists at the beginning of their career. A high pedagogical and artistic level is ensured thanks to the commitment of great personalities from the world of music.

By promoting an exceptional and demanding artistic and cultural exchange, SIPO aims at establishing contacts and developing the professional level of participants. SIPO also enables Portuguese students to have professional contact with highly regarded musicians, without having to leave their own country.

SIPO is promoted and organised by ACIM, supported by the Municipality of Óbidos and the Portuguese Ministry of Culture.

Other information

More information about SIPO 2021 can be found on our website www.pianobidos.org including the enrolment forms for the master classes and the program of the International Piano Festival as well as extensive information about ACIM and Óbidos.

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