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This is an event in which a space of spontaneous free expression is created, transforming the halls of the Torres Vedras Arts and Creativity Center to make room for poetry. A great moment for those who want to test their poems without the pressure of being evaluated. 


It starts on May 19th and ends on July 28th, every two weeks.

The Centro de Artes e Criatividade de Torres Vedras (CAC) hosts, for the second consecutive year, the Poetry Slam Torres Vedras, an event around the spoken word based on performance and poetic texts written by the participants. This is an event co-organized by the Torres Vedras City Hall, Centro de Artes e Criatividade de Torres Vedras, EMERGE - Associação Cultural and Portugal Slam, which takes place from May 20th until July in the various rooms that make up the CAC. 

In the 1980s, a local poet and a construction worker fought, in the United States of America, in Chicago, Illinois, through poetry reading, against what they felt was a loss of the sparkle of poetry, while they wanted to give it back to the people through their voices. This is how the practice of poetry slam emerged. This practice arrived in Portugal in 2009 in Lisbon and quickly spread to other cities, being practiced today in about twelve different locations.

Taking the example of other cities and as a way to promote the practice of poetry among local communities and develop literary skills (language and communication) through poetry, the Poetry Slam comes to Torres Vedras in 2022.

It is a free event where the public is invited to participate actively either in the presentation of poetic works or as a jury (selected from the public present), scoring each slammer.

The competition takes place in three rounds, with the first and second places automatically qualifying for the "Torres Vedras Poetry Slam Final", where the representative of the city will be chosen for the national competition in the PORTUGAL SLAM 2023 festival, which will take place in Almada.

Besides this public competition (3 rounds), there will also be the biweekly event "Open Slam", where free and spontaneous expression is invited to test their poems, and several workshops will also be held. These workshops are open to the general public and are coordinated by Li Alves and NBC. In these workshops, there will be contextualization, unblocking, questioning, and reflection on poetry and orality, the empowerment of participants to develop their writing through hidden references and emotions, the senses, and sensations, using descriptive resources through techniques linked to storytelling, and workshops linked to the care of the voice, its projection, expression, and technique, in order to empower participants with good practices in the use of the voice as a creative and professional tool.


About Emerge - Cultural Association
Emerge is a non-profit cultural association, founded in 2016 in Torres Vedras, whose main objective is to promote contemporary art produced by emerging artists. This promotion is carried out through the various projects developed in partnership with public and private institutions, curators, artists, and galleries, among others, to address pressing issues in contemporary art. 

About Portugal Slam
Portugal Slam is a platform created in conjunction with several organizations in the country that have been organizing local poetry slam events in their cities. It is permanently open to new poets, venues, and organizations that want to join the movement. Throughout each year, Portugal SLAM works closely with local communities, as well as schools, municipal libraries, and cultural spaces from the north to the south of the country, cementing the practice of poetry slam not only as a form of expression but also as a pedagogical and social integration tool. Since 2014, a national event has been held that celebrates the platform and features the National Poetry Slam Championship.

The 9th Portugal Slam final will take place in the city of Almada in September 2023, where the national Poetry Slam winner will be chosen to represent our country at the European level.

About CAC - Centro de Artes e Criatividade (entity that hosts the event)
The Centro de Artes e Criatividade (CAC) of Torres Vedras focuses on Carnival, showing the artistic expressions of a celebration celebrated all over the world.

technical data sheet

Co-organization | Câmara Municipal de Torres Vedras, Centro de Artes e Criatividade de Torres Vedras, EMERGE - Associação Cultural e Portugal Slam

MC's presenters and educational service | Li Alves and NBC

Jury | Public

Project Management | Daniela Ambrósio

Production and cultural design | Jorge Reis

Technical support and score management | Jean-Marie Cerutti (Mirko) 

Photography and Communication | Marisa Bernardes