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Painting and Sculpture Exhibition: "Modernos e Modernistas"

Figueiró dos Vinhos
Museu e Centro de Artes
Plastic Arts Museums


The "Modernos e Modernistas" ("Modern and Modernists") exhibition, part of the cycle 'Os Caminhos do Naturalismo em Figueiró' (The paths of naturalism in Figueiró), establishes a dialogue between the young authors of “modern paintings”, that is, the naturalists who presented their landscapes and rural scenes in the Grupo do Leão exhibitions, and , the generation of modernist contestants, but trained in the School of Fine Arts by these masters. 

Simões de Almeida, a natural sculptor from Figueiró dos Vinhos, encouraged his disciples to settle in their land, where they could find the light, the landscapes, the rural experiences. Simões de Almeida was not a member of the Lion Group but understood the change taking place in the country and his role was crucial in the ways of naturalism.

Thus, the artists, José Malhoa and Henrique Pinto, chose Figueiró dos Vinhos and adopted the land as a privileged setting for their artistic conceptions. Henrique Pinto and José Malhoa recorded moments of happy naturalism, framed in the rusticity of experiences that will have marked phases in the production of Dordio Gomes, Jorge Barradas and Abel Manta, although they present other references and original frameworks of Modernism. 

The new spaces of modernity stood out for their novelty and for questioning reality with bold pictorial treatments. The landscape, the portrait, the intimate scenes shift our gaze between different forms of presenting modernity, between moderns and modernists, creating thematic dialogues and a diversity of techniques.

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