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Painting Exhibition: Olhares "Entre Telas"

Figueiró dos Vinhos
Museu e Centro de Artes
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In the exhibited works, the author begins by showing the strong influence she received from her experience in Africa from a young age, which she expresses through the use of warm and vivid colors in the representation of some everyday motives. 

These brightly colored palettes are also used randomly, in various geometric figures, representing more or less harmonic sets, such as the sounds of the various instruments of an orchestra that come together to produce a symphony. 

The representation of architectural and landscape traditions or symbols of the city of Mondego and of the region, makes evident the influences received after having settled in Coimbra in 1975. She is considered a painter with a tendency to be a naturalist, who, from studying the works of other masters, found her own path combining learning with new, personal and intimate work.

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Author: Maria Fernanda Ferreira

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