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Marinha Grande
Núcleo de Arte Contemporânea do Museu do Vidro - Edifício da Resinagem


Self-taught glass artist, with an almost 50 years career, Pedro García is a pioneer and one of the most well known contemporary Spanish glass sculptors.

Pliegues reveals Pedro García most recent artworks, made in glass and metal, inspired mostly in nature. Produced in thermoformed laminated glass, Pedro García sculptures are surprising, not only by its organic and irregular textures, but also by the insertion of the most improbable objects, whether organic or inorganic, inside glass.

According to Pedro García, Pliegues shows us "small details, or life fragments, that turn Glass an universe rich in relationships, thoughts, contradictions and joys, as cuts and deep breaks, resembling everyday life experiences. Iron, which, besides being a powerful and solid support, conveys beauty and a structural combination, worthy of any self-respecting macro-construction, providing security and firmness to the works displayed here, created to fill with energy and happiness those who wish to own each one of them".

technical data sheet

Organisation and production: City Hall of Marinha Grande

Executive coordination: Tânia Rosa Martinho

Text revision: Paula Maia

Translation and translation revision: Carmen Cruz

Museologival support: Umbelina Sobral, Beatriz Leal, Abel Aniceto, José Ramos

Design: António Guilherme