Jan2022 Saturday
15h00 Till 17h00

Presentation of the book "Retalhos da Vida do Sonhador-Fazedor, João Vasconcelos"

Figueiró dos Vinhos
House of Culture Amphitheater


Presentation of the book on the life and work of João Vasconcelos (1975-2019), Former Secretary of State for Industry of the 21st Constitutional Government and also known for being a great driver of the Digital Economy, support for entrepreneurship in Portugal, as well as promoting corporate sustainability and social responsibility.

"Retalhos da Vida do Sonhador-Fazedor" is, therefore, a compilation of testimonies about the honoree, made by Arménio Vasconcelos who states that "João Vasconcelos had dreams and accomplished deeds that Friends witnessed. And, because they are so many and so beautiful, in this book commented on them".