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SOLOS CRIATIVOS - performing arts 2021 Edition

Porto de Mós
Casa da Cultura Mira de Aire
Cultural Animation Multidisciplinary


Give room to your voice and creativity! Take part in the ALA D'ARTISTAS competition by filling in your application form and send us your video-performance, covering the theme PERSEVERANCE. Once your application has been submitted, we will contact you in order to finalize your application for participation in the project.
Get ready for the launch!
Deadline for registration: 21 APRIL 2021
Registration fee: 7,50

Other information

"Attitude of one who constantly strives, of one who persists, despite obstacles or failures, in doing or achieving something; quality or action of one who perseveres. = CONSTANTNESS, FIRMNESS, PERSISTENCE, PERTINACY"

Related words: persistence, pertinacity, constancy, permanence, insistence, slowly, doggedly.

According to the numerous current events, whether political, social or environmental, perseverance is a word present in the daily life of all society, whether for professional stability, to maintain mental health in the face of confinement, to fight for feminist causes and other minorities, or simply to be happy. The theme of the first edition of the project CREATIVE SOILS is to address ideologies that raise PERSEVERANCE.

Thus, the participant should send a video (minimum 1 minute - maximum 5 minutes).
After this pre-registration, you will be contacted to finalize the last stage of registration, towards the 2nd STAGE.
Once the registration phase is complete, you will be contacted to appear in front of a jury.
Your performance will be promoted and publicised so that it can be properly voted for.
The most voted will go to the FINAL PHASE for awards.
1st prize: 250,00 euros
2nd prize: 125,00€
3rd prize: 50,00€