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Surf Short Film Festival - Lourinhã

Dr. Afonso Rodrigues Pereira Cultural Center - Lourinhã
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Based on the idea and the desire of Lourinhã to become a municipality associated to the culture of corporate and community surfing, and following what has been developed in this area, this Surf Short Film Festival aims to bring together several people connected to the waves and the sea, and to create moments of fraternization, sharing and reflection on what surf is and can be.

The creation of this showcase is born from the importance of strengthening and sustaining this idea for the
The creation of this exhibition is born from the importance of reinforcing and sustaining this idea for the territory, stimulating creativity and valuing cinema, as art, as a way of thinking the world and the communities. And by thinking about communities, we think about what the community that surfing brings together is and can be. The films, exhibited or in competition, may include what surfing really is (documentary), what we can imagine of it (fiction) or how we represent it (animation)