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Time (provisional title)

Torres Vedras
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Rede Cultura 2027 at home Plastic Arts


This exhibition is the result of the second edition of the Visual Academy, an art education programme for the secondary school students of Torres Vedras. The participants had weekly sessions about different artistic techniques related to produce of an artwork during the context of the current pandemic crisis. The genesis of the proposal is the creation of an art exhibition, which provides participants with the contact with professional activities related to the creation of an event of this nature, namely curatorship, production, project management, design, communication and exhibition design.

This year's edition is marked by the adaptation to the virtual context, therefore focusing on media used for digital art creation. "Time" is the main theme.

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Artistic creation Jorge Reis e Patrícia Sobreiro
Project management and communication Daniela Ambrósio
Curatorship and production Mafalda Duarte Barrela
Design Jorge Reis