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TOMAR INDUSTRIAL, Contributions to a contemporary vision - Photography and Cinema

CEFT - Casa dos Cubos, Tomar CEFT - Casa dos Cubos, Tomar
Cinema Photography


We intend to question the situation of the industrial park in the region of Tomar and the social and cultural impact of this reality.

For this we use documentary Photography and Cinema, the installation and the authorial project, to bring even documentary and artistic records to the public that can contribute to a critical and contemporary vision of this reality.

This Exhibition involves the “Casa dos Cubos” and the “Levada de Tomar” being an opportunity for possible and desirable connections and interdependencies:

- Levada de Tomar is probably the oldest industrial complex in the municipality. This complex has recently been restored;

- Casa dos Cubos, a former warehouse associated with the Levada de Tomar industrial complex and recently restored, is the current Center for Photography Studies in Tomar, CEFT;

technical data sheet

We intend to question the situation of the industrial park in the Exhibition Project Coordination region:

António Ventura, Professor of Photography at IPT and Member of the Coordinating Committee of CEFT

João Luz, Professor of Cinema at IPT and Member of the Coordinating Committee of CEFT

Patrícia Romão, Senior Technician at CMT, Member of the CEFT Coordinating Committee

Photographic report at the Porto Cavaleiros and Açude de Pedra Factory: António Ventura, Specialist in Audiovisuals and Media Production - Photography, by IPT, João Pedro Tavares, finalist student at CSF, 1st Cycle, Filipe Martins and Tiago Braga, Collaborating Students, CEFT

“Last 200 ...”: Catarina Garrido, student finalist in the degree in photography at IPT, UC of Project in Photography, supervised by Duarte Amaral Netto Specialist in Audiovisuals and Media Production - Photography, by IPT

“Invisible Barrier - The Nabão line, Landscape Surveys”: IPT Master's Students in Photography: Ana Catarina Silva, Paula Magalhães, Joana Mota, Sandra Garrucho, Cláudia Santos, Cláudia Gaspar, Susana Cruz, Vera Gomes, Sara Conceição, Paula Tábuas, José Luis Loureiro, David Santos, Rui Pinto, Diogo Pereira, João Lourenço, Pedro Lucas, Bruno Félix, Nuno Gaspar, Gonçalo Figueiredo and João Henriques.

Orientation and curatorship: Nuno Faria, Specialist in Theory of Art at IPT

“Fornalha”: Experimental Film, João Luz, with the participation of João Conchinha, Lúcia Leitão, Pedro Branco, Sandro Ferreira

“A rainy day ... At the Tomar Spinning Factory”: António Ventura, Project design, Photography and Video, Miguel Urbano Figueiredo, sound collection and sound design

Communication design

Disclosure Office of the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar

Jéssica Pereira, Curricular internship in the Master in Editorial Design at IPT

Technical support

Margarida Costa, technician from the CEFT Photographic Archive

Sofia Sousa, volunteer student

Helena Henriques, custodian and secretariat


Tomar Photography Studies Center (CEFT), Casa dos Cubos

Tomar City Council (CMT)

Polytechnic Institute of Tomar (IPT)