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"UTOPIA, Dream X Reality" by núcleo de Artes Procênio (Brazil)

Jaime Salazar Sampaio Theatre Room
Núcleo de Artes Procênio
CRIATIVA, Cultura, Artes e Entretenimento


This story talks about a man who lives with his family in absolute misery. A genius man, who refuses to drop his dreams. About social, political and economic issues, about human complexity.

In this story, a man, in order to escape his problems, create an utopian life, transforming the life that he never had in reality. He eliminates the pain of reality with his dreams. Live a dream, dream a life. Reaching the boundary between sanity and madness, between the real and the unreal, the conscious and the unconscious, he lead us to an open question: To what extent is social aid enought to heal the pain of the soul, to feed the spirit? To what extent does the
lie is more useful than truth, more effective than food, health and employment.

How far can the freedom to dream go? How far can we dream?

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Dramaturgy and Staging : Felipe Silva

Cast : Ana Rodrigues, Felipe Silva and Filipa Rocha

Technical Operation : Fernando Reis and Sonia Costa



Núcleo de Artes Procênio 

CRIATIVA, Culture, Arts and Entertainment

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