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Vetreria Aureliano Toso

Marinha Grande
Museum of Glass - Stephens Palace


Founded in Murano - Venice in 1938 by Aureliano Toso, the Vetri Decorativi di Murano, Rag. Aureliano Toso gave an important contribution to the introduction of design in the production of glass in Murano, counting on Dino Martens as the main designer.

Through the collection of Lutz H. Holz, who has been gathering an important Murano glass collection for several years, the intention is to reveal the history and the development of this factory.

By combining innovation, design, art and science, the exhibition Vetraria Aureliano Toso show us some of the best examples of Murano glass, executed by glassblowing masters and designers through innovative processes at that time.

technical data sheet

Organisation and production: City Hall of Marinha Grande

Executive coordination: Tânia Rosa Martinho

Text revision: Paula Maia

Translation and translation revision: Carmen Cruz

Museological support: Umbelina Sobral, Beatriz Leal, Abel Aniceto, José Ramos

Design: António Guilherme