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Torres Vedras
Casa Azul ▲ (Blue House) Casa Azul ▲ (Blue House)
Plastic Arts


WOMBAT is the agglutination of two words belonging to the English language: “woman” and “combat”. This amalgamation is inserted in the considerations written by Donna Haraway in her article “A Cyborg Manifesto” (1985), which disserts on what the author denominates as the cyborg entity, that is grounded on the refusal of the existence of the humanity/animality and humanity/technology dichotomies. Therefore, the cyborg is a hybrid that lives within the system, as the “illegitimate prole” of capitalism, militarism and State. Thus, WOMBAT concerns dualisms and, at the same time, their very own rejection. It regards notions that are seemingly incompatible due to their historicity. The critical position on the inevitable inclusion in hegemonic contexts is a plea to rebellion and to a revision of the performativity of the feminine gender, as well as of the notion of violence as a product of the patriarchal-capitalist society.

In this exhibition by Sónia Carvalho, curated by Mafalda Duarte Barrela, the artist dismantles the theme by revisiting gender archetypes and the concept of the sacred feminine, through visual research and an archival approach of her oeuvre, by exploring diverse media and plastically navigating between abstraction and represent(action).

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Curatorship, exhibition design and texts Mafalda Duarte Barrela
Artist Sónia Carvalho
Production, design and accessibility Jorge Reis
Project management and communication Daniela Ambrósio

Support Torres Vedras Municipality