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Write a Short Story

Leiria County Schools


Francisco Rodrigues Lobo, the great poet of Leiria, will be honored in 2021 for the 4th centenary of his death. This will be a privileged opportunity to encourage literary creativity and promote new talents in the art of writing. Francisco Rodrigues Lobo loved Leiria, the River Lis and the Lena, their fields and valleys, all the fauna and flora that populated them and that were his portrait! His entire work is full of charming descriptions of flowers, plants, shrubs, trees. The contest "I write a short story in honor of Francisco Rodrigues Lobo" is promoted by the Municipality of Leiria and by the Organization Committee of the 4th Centenary of the Death of Francisco Rodrigues Lobo. The theme is allusive to nature (sustainability, water, fauna and flora). The objective is to bring Rodrigues Lobo back to his city, to his region and to feel him as a great poet, a great writer and nature lover. Within the scope of the Vamos Ler + Reading Education Program, the short story considered to have the greatest literary merit in the 3rd Cycle and Secondary Education will be illustrated by the 1st Cycle students.

Target audience: 3rd Cycle and Secondary