Here live the ideas that have already came true.

This Rede Cultura 2027 that we are all so proud to be is an infinite bag of almost all the ideas in this territory, 
of these people who decided to make a Community around Culture. As this saddlebag, it is, soon after, his dedicated tailor who has a single mission: to build a suit tailored to each idea
that, at each moment, can be built as a project and, thus, leave us and reach the other. To others. To all of you. That's us. This page brings you a little more about each of the projects that, born within the scope of Rede Cultura 2027,
already live their own lives with the populations that are ours and throughout the territory. The one that, in its
diversity and completeness, assumes this unshakable will to be European Capital of Culture in 2027 and, above all, before
and after, to be an effective network woven through the culture that we create.