Contact Bridges

Bridges as a link between shores, meeting places and intersections, which shorten distances and shorten paths.

Bridges as constructions that link people, cultures, ideas, religions, beliefs, values and generations.

On the local holiday of Leiria, May 22, 2021, the bridges over the River Lis were the stage for the “Contact Bridges” project, organized by Rede Cultura 2027 in partnership with the Municipality of Leiria.

The bridges that follow the path of the Lis river were constituted as stages through the performances of seven projects and artistic groups linked to different areas of intervention and creation.

They were: the bookstore Arquivo, Clara Leão School of Dance, Idalécio Francisco, Malha de Bronze with the project Bateria, Atelier Parto, Samp - Musical Artistic Society of Pousos and also the participation of Leiria Museum, CIA - Environmental Interpretation and the  Schools of Marrazes.