Our Programme on Paper

The online programme of our website and the publications on our facebook are testament to the enormous vitality and intense density
of cultural life, even in pandemic times, in this vast and diverse territory which, more than two years ago, decided to unite around culture to do more and better, involve a greater number of citizens in cultural participation and, of course, apply, through the city of Leiria, an entire network for
 European Capital of Culture in 2027.

Now the time has come for this programme to reach all those who have less daily access to the internet and all those who value the physical dimension of communication, going from digital to paper, to be leafed through, stored and even sniffed, renewing our connection to paper and print as an immortal means of communication, from the outset into culture, and reinforcing the involvement of each one in this network that belongs to everyone.

50,000 copies are already available in dozens and dozens of places across our territory, including libraries, museums, municipalities, theaters and other cultural spaces and cafes and similar spaces for social interaction.

Taking a look at the dynamism of our cultural activity until the end of the year 2021, here you will find dozens and dozens of proposals for, with all precautions and sanitary safety, leaving the house and returning to it different, richer, more expanded, more citizen still.

The joint cultural life that we reveal to you in this programme is a good example of the unusual richness brought about by the common commitment translated into more than two years of cultural weaving activity in a 180km long territory between its extremes, wide in 5,800km2 that crosses 3 Communities Intermunicipal (Leiria, Oeste and Médio Tejo), full of more than 800,000 citizens, and recognized by UNESCO in its 3 World Heritage Sites, 3 Creative Cities, 3 Learning Cities and 2 Chairs.

On the website, on Facebook, on paper, in theatre, in the square or in the café, we are Rede Cultura 2027 because each of our citizens give us strength whenever they see, feel, think, create or desire Culture.

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