Territorial Identity - Visual Imaginary of the Region

“Territorial Identity – Visual Imaginary of the Region” is a photography exhibition that portrays the historical, social and heritage legacy of the 26 municipalities that make up Rede Cultura 2027.

In addition to a vast array of historical images, the exhibition also includes 26 contemporary photographs captured by the lens of 26 guest photographers, who reinterpret one of the images of each city or town. Each Municipality was also invited to select and send a piece characteristic of its identity which, displayed alongside the images, refers to local practices, traditions or cultures. The exhibition, curated by MIMO – Museu da Imagem em Movimento and by Rede Cultura 2027, was inaugurated within the scope of the Congress "The future of our city", with the invaluable collaboration of technicians from 26 municipalities.

The exhibition has been on show at MIMO since 23 October 2020 and will be open until 2022.

She was distinguished by the APOM 2021 Awards, given by the Portuguese Association of Museology with the APOM-Partnerships Award.