The Future of Our City

A continuous Congress: from May 9th to October 24th

Rede Cultura 2027’s Congress: a territory and the aspirations of its community. A participatory process, where the main voice is attributed to citizens, the actors of the territory, the operators of the future, invited to project theirs wishes to our region. Live cultural experiences from the Atlantic to the Mountains, invited experts and researchers dialoguing with communities.

The Congress is divided into six themes, on which reflection will be produced, and which can guide the construction of the future of our city: the history and heritage that marks the region; hospitality and the ability to attract and integrate outsiders; the public space as a space for encounter, participation and citizenship; creation and transmission structures, including digital platforms; reflection that involves philosophy, science and art; the relationship between different generations, especially children and youngsters, and the artistic and cultural creation.

There are two distinct cycles to reflect on such themes:

- Congress on Saturdays, facilitated by the six thinking groups and transmitted from different places of the 26 municipalities that make up the REDE CULTURA 2027;

- Congress on Wednesdays, to reflect specifically the problems, impacts and the recovery of the cultural and creative sectors after the pandemic crisis. For this last cycle, the Congress will be articulated with Next Step initiative, a set of ten questions about the repercussions on culture and artists, which seeks to collect contributions within the community. Available here.

The Congress will end on October 23rd and 24th, with the conclusions of the six lines of work being presented, communications from international guests and performances by cultural agents from our region.

Some of the names already confirmed for the Congress are: Alexandre Quintanilha, François Matarasso, José Tolentino Mendonça and Kepa Korta. Stay tuned to our website, where the entire program will be released.


  1. Opening of the congress
    Europe Day
    Leiria · 9th May, 2020 · 11:00
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  2. The poet in the Square
    Rodrigues Lobo and the Sustainability of the Planet
    Leiria · 22nd May, 2020 · 21:00
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  3. Historical Markers
    Congress on Saturdays
    Batalha · 30th May, 2020 · 15:00
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  4. Mediated Territories
    Congress on Saturdays
    Caldas da Rainha · 13th June, 2020 · 15:00
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  5. Arts & Culture in digital media
    Congress on Wednesdays
    Alvaiázere · 17th June, 2020 · 21:00
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  6. Facing the crisis: resuming activity and new strategies of funding
    Congress on Wednesdays
    Ourém · 24th June, 2020 · 21:00
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  7. The three UNESCO's creative cities existing in Rede Cultura's 2027 region
    Congress on Saturdays
    Óbidos · 27th June, 2020 · 15:00
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  8. Arts and culture: the voices of the community
    Congress on Wednesdays
    Arruda dos Vinhos · 1st July, 2020 · 21:00
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  9. Hospitality
    Congress on Saturdays
    Tomar · 11th July, 2020 · 15:00
  10. A better prepared system to face crisis
    Congress on Wednesdays
    Castanheira de Pera · 15th July, 2020 · 21:00
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