Ricardo Alves Pereira, guitarrista contador de histórias

Guitarra clássica solo com histórias - My Life Through ‘Musical Narratives’
For many years now, I have been understanding the music I play through stories. I call them ‘musical narratives’, and with this new practice methodology, that I developed for my own study and for other fellow performers, I no longer see myself only as a classical guitarist, but also a storytelling guitarist. A narrator of my own musical intention.
Let me show you the beautiful infinity of the imaginary musical mind, undiscovered just as the universe itself.
Ensemble de Música Antiga com histórias - The Wandering Bard, the 21st century troubadours
Long, long ago, four adventurers from three far away lands, journeyed to the low countries of the Netherlands in search of honor. One day, they met on the entangled channels of Amsterdam and took the quest of their life, as the storytelling Early&Folk music group 'The Wandering Bard'.
Inspired by the traditions of bards, these 21st century troubadours turn concerts into stories. The Wandering Bard build their concert style around an interpretive methodology their guitarist developed called 'musical narratives' in which the performers themselves narrate their own musical intention.
Be they of castle or countryside, the group’s musical narratives are about people: from the mad King Henry VIII with his six wives, to the doomed romance between a 17th Century Scottish soldier and an English woman; The Wandering Bard tells stories about the human experience. Formed with members from Turkey, Portugal and United Kingdom, the group made a base in the UK, as the stories that they tell form a strong connection with the island's culture.